Board of Governors


As an autonomous institution, affiliated with the University of the Punjab, the college has been able to start new disciplines, hire more competent staff, offer scholarships and stipends to the students all with the astute advice and guidance of a capable body of Board of Governors consisting of:-

Official Members

1.         Minister for Education, Punjab


2.         Secretary of BOG

            Principal Government Fatima Jinnah College (W), Chuna Mandi, Lahore

            Mrs. Shehnaz Kausar

3.         Secretary Education, Punjab                                              

4.         Secretary Finance, Punjab                                                   

Non Official Members

5.         Mrs. Anoshay Rehman (M.N.A)                                           

6.         Mr. Khawaja Salman Rafique (M.N.A)                                 

7.         Mrs. Parveen Qadir-Agha                                                    
            Former Secretary, Women Division

8.         Mrs. Fouzia Qureshi (H.O.D Arch. Dept, NCA)                     

9.         Dr. Tahira Hussain                                                             
            Former Principal
            Govt. F.J.C (W), Chuna Mandi, Lahore

10.       Dr. Shamim Akhter Arif                                                     
            Visiting Professor LUMS

11.       Dr. Shahid Amjad Chaudhry                                                 
            Rector, Lahore School of Economics


The staff and Students are also involved with the smooth functioning of the college.

The College Council consists of the senior faculty members of the college.

The members of the Student Council are the Presidents of the various Societies, the Class Representatives and the Head Girl of the college. The Staff Advisors of the Student Council are Ms. Nghmaana Kausar, Ms. Abida Sumera, Ms. Sadaf Mushtaq  and Ms. Nosheen.