Road Map


Policies include:

·        Punjab Government Policies

·        Board of Governors Policies

·        College Discipline Policies

·        Faculty Duty Policies

·        Admission Policies

·        College Advisory Council Policies

·        Student Council’s Policies


·        To start BS (Hons.) Programme in the various disciplines of Humanities and Sciences

·        To be recognized as one of the very best colleges in the city

·        To arrange workshops and Staff Development Courses for the staff and the students to enhance and update

          the knowledge and acquaint them with the new researches in their respective fields


·        Preparing diverse learners for success

·        Equipping the college with state of the art technology

·        Building a high performing institution

·        For the smooth running of affairs of the college, we have developed strategies focusing in the following core values:

1.     Integrity

2.     Excellence

3.     Respect and Dignity

4.     Discipline and Accountability

5.     Fairness and Justice

6.     Service to Community