ADP Program/B.Com


Associate Degree in Arts /Associate Degree in Sci. / B. Com


Associate Degree in Arts:

Compulsory Subjects:

  1. English
  2. Islamic Studies & Pakistan Studies.

Optional Subject-1:    Arabic/Persian/



Elective Subjects-2: The students will choose Two (2) subjects, one from each of these groups


SUBJECT GROUPS FOR Associate Degree in ARTS :


Group I                       Group II                     Group  III                  

Arabic                          Psychology                  History                        

French                         Economics                   Islamiat(E)                  

Persian                        Fine Arts                      Comp. Sc.                               

Punjabi                        H. Economics              Health & Phy. Edu.                 

Urdu (ad)                     Geography                   Philosophy

English Lit.                  Sociology                     Journalism(Mass Communication)

Education                                                           Political Sc.

Women Studies                       


  1. Students are expected to opt for those subjects in B.A. which they have studied in F.A. except for new subjects offered at B.A. level only.
  2. Science students who wish to study English Literature will have to appear and qualify in a written test.
  3. Students who wish to study Economics must either have studied it at the F.A. level or been F.Sc. Students.



Compulsory Subjects:

1.   English

2. Islamic Studies & Pakistan Studies

Elective Subjects: Choose one combination from the following:

  1. Economics, Statistics, Maths          5.   Maths A, Maths B, Physics
  2. Computer Studies, Stats, Maths     6.   Maths A, Maths B. Stats
  3. Botany, Zoology, Geography             7.   Chemistry, Bio. Chemistry, Bot/Zoo
  4. Botany, Zoology, Chemistry         


B.Com: (List of Subjects):


Business Maths&Stats, Computer Application, Economics, Financial Accounting

Introduction to Business, Money Banking and Finance, Functional English, Islamiat


Advanced Accounts, Auditing, Business Tax, Business Communication, Economics of Pakistan, Cost Accounting, Business Law, Pak Studies