Mass Communication


The department of Mass Communication was established in 1998. It offers journalism at B.A level and two years masters program in mass communication at postgraduate level. With the facilities of a  library and Computer Lab, the department  has very experienced and qualified faculty. There are three M. Phil in its faculty of nine staff members. Special lectures of professionals are also arranged frequently.The department has the history of 100% results with positions in Punjab University at Masters level.


Field of Study

In two years masters program students have the opportunity to opt thesis of 100 marks or advertising and T.V production(both) of 50 marks each.


  Ms. Nasim Ishaq  (Assistant Professor) Head of Department   M.A, M.Phil

  Ms. Shazia Saeed (Lecturer)   M.A(Mass Communication), M.Phil(Communication Studies)

  Ms. Saman Khalid (Lecturer)   MSCS(Communication Studies)

  Ms. Aamina Ihsan (Lecturer)    BS(Hons.) (Mass Communication)

  Ms. Ghazala Kanwal (Lecturer)  MSc.(Mass Communication)

  Ms. Sahima Naureen (Lecturer)  M.Phil(Communication Studies), M.A (Mass Communication), M.A(Political Science)

  Ms. Sahrish Imtiaz (Lecturer) M.A (Mass Communication), B.Ed.

  Ms. Hijab Zahra (Lecturer) BS(Hons.), MPhil(Media Studies)

  Ms. Hajrah Syeda (Lecturer) BS(Hons.), MS(Mass Communication)



Two years masters program  with annual system of examination. The subjects are

Part 1

Paper i. Language and Communication             50 marks

Paper ii. Techniques and Traditions                    100 marks

Paper iii. Designing of News page                       100 marks

Paper iv. Media History                                           100 marks

Paper v. National and International Relations    100 marks

Paper vi. Communication-1                                     50 marks

Part II

Paper vii. Editorial, Feature and Column writing    50 marks

Paper viii. Communication-11                                    50 marks

Paper  ix.  Development Support Communication   100 marks

Paper  x.    Public relations                                      100marks

Paper xi.    Electronic Journalism                             50 marks

Paper xii.   Thesis or Two Optional Subjects         100 marks

Paper xiii.  Internship and Writtings                          50 marks     


Two months Compulsory 50 marks internship is offered to masters students in their second year of study in different media organization. It  provides exposure and learning during their study which is helpful in selection of their future career in different fields of media.


Student’s Opportunities

After completing two years masters program, students have the opportunity to work in variety of fields like in print media ,electronic media, DGPR, and  as PRO in variety of Govt departments